Effective, Progressive Leadership for South King County

Increasing Voter Engagement and Participation

Mia led the effort in the State House to pass a number of critical bills to increase voter engagement in the election process and make it easier for people to be engaged civically. These bills include the Voting Rights Act (Mia was the Prime House Sponsor!) which gives citizens the right to petition to ensure their local jurisdictions are more representative of the citizens. At the same time, she led in passing 16 and 17 year old pre-registration, and Election Day registration so people can still register on Election day.

Reducing Gun Violence

Mia helped pass a state bill banning the use of “bump stocks” the devices that essentially turn a semiautomatic gun into a machine gun. This is another in a series of steps that need to be taken to ensure our citizens and especially our school children are safe as they go about their lives.

Ensuring Kids Are Ready To Learn

Mia has worked tirelessly to get access to healthy food for thousands of low income school children across the state of Washington. The “Breakfast After The Bell” will help ensure these kids start their day with a nutritious meal before sitting down at their desks.

Protecting Our Environment

With Mia’s help, Washington State became one of the first state’s in the nation to ban Atlantic Salmon Farms in our coastal waters. This was a much needed law after thousands of salmon contaminated the Puget Sound last summer.

Making Child Care Easier For Working Class Families

With Mia’s leadership, the state legislature tackled the “donut hole” of childcare, where middle class families make too much to qualify for state subsidized care, but not enough to afford local childcare options. HB 2367 establishes a new task force to bring businesses, children’s advocates, parents, and lawmakers to the table to find new options to help lower cost and increase access. HB 2396 creates a pilot program to incentivize small businesses.